PTC News
By Jennifer Vierra   
Sunny days bring outdoor activities alive. The Garden Club has begun clearing the garden and working on the expansion effort to build outdoor learning environments for this Spring and next year. Contact Kerin Fegley to be added to the contact list of helpers. PTC has begun planning May and June events and needs your help.
 • May 9th – Staff Appreciation We need decorations and breakfast or lunch items.
 • May 11th - Open House BBQ – Lots of help needed to prep, cook and serve.
 • June 7th - Cougarpawlooza – 30 volunteers needed to cover all areas, lunch provided for volunteers! 

These events take many helpers to be successful. To volunteer to help please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Marty Earhart at 530-274-3602. Need an activity to do over Spring Break? Take a tour of the Rood Center and hunt for Clear Creek students’ art that is on display.

Silver Graphics orders are due to arrive this month, thank you all for ordering. You can still order online just cover the shipping costs. Mixed Bags orders are due soon please consider supporting Clear Creek PTC with an order. 

If catalogue purchases and candy orders are not your favorite way to support student programs PTC understands. Sign up for Benefit Mobile app and start supporting Clear Creek with everyday purchases. Benefit Mobile adds up quickly, earning $250 to $500 for Clear Creek every year without it costing you anything. Just log onto the Benefit Mobile app and use a store gift card rather than your ATM card to purchase items. Contact Suzy Rogers to learn more.