Mrs. Cramer

Hi! My name is Carolyn Cramer. I have been teaching at Clear Creek School since December 2002. Although I have always known I wanted to be a teacher, my path to teaching was not a direct one. When I was in Kindergarten, my favorite activity was to set up all of my stuffed animals around my room and pretend to be a teacher. Throughout high school and college at CSU, Long Beach, I worked at day care centers and as an Instructional Aide for Los Angeles County. Growing up one of eight children also gave me plenty of practical experience caring for children.

Felling the need for a change, I left college after two years to work full time in business. A couple years later I met my husband, got married, and began to raise a family. For eleven years while our two daughters were young, I worked as co-owner of our small business. As our children grew older, my husband and I knew we wanted to move to a more rural area to raise our family. We moved to Grass Valley in 1996 and I decided to return to college to complete my dream of being a teacher.

For several years, I juggled family responsibilities, a job, and night classes at CSU, Sacramento. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2001 and completed my student teaching in Placer County in 2002. I was extremely fortunate to be offered a long term substitute position at Clear Creek and have been teaching here ever since. I enjoy the family feel of Clear Creek not only with the staff, but with my students and their families as well. When I am not working in my classroom, I enjoy being with my large family, playing/coaching sports, gardening, kayaking, or just working around my house. I am truly grateful to be doing what I love at such a wonderful school.