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2020-2021 TK & Kindergarten Supply List

What to Bring to Kindergarten Beginning a new school year is always an exciting time and a fun time for families to shop for school supplies! COVID-19 has altered how we will be using our supplies in the classroom. This suggested supply list will help your child be successful whether they are learning at home or at school. These will help us get started but be aware that we may need additional or replacement items mid-year. If this list poses a hardship for your family please let me know and we will get your child the supplies they need.
For TK/Kindergarteners attending school each day please bring:

● A backpack big enough to hold a folder and a lunch box.
● A lunch box/bag to carry a daily snack.
Suggested Kindergarten School Supplies:
● 3 Jumbo sized crayons (8 pack)
● 3 (24 pack) regular sized crayons
● Dixon Ticonderoga Jumbo sized pencils also known as beginner pencils
○ (found on Amazon and at Staples
● Black sharpie (standard size)
● 4 Thick dry erase markers
● 3 Jumbo sized glue sticks
● Washable glue bottle
● Thick & thin packages of colored markers
● Blunt tipped, child sized scissors

**If your child is attending via the hybrid model feel free to bring your child’s supplies to our Teacher Meet & Greeting meeting on Tuesday.
Additionally, our kindergarten class has a wish list on Amazon that will be updated
throughout the year. These are community supplies and benefit the entire class. Please do not feel obligated to make any additional donations!