Mrs. Steffen

I am so excited to be joining the Clear Creek community this year.  I’ve been in the classroom in some form since 2012 and worked with all grade levels from TK to 6th grade.  I spent my years in schools as a teachers aide, after school teacher, and camp counselor while working on my teaching credential.  After getting certified I taught 3 years of TK and Kindergarten, then a year in a ⅔ combo class.  I’ve also worked as a STEM coordinator and reading intervention teacher.  I am passionate about teaching and becoming a part of this community. 

 I have two toddlers and just became a 1st time home owner over the summer.  I love to craft, garden, and spend time in the pool with my little munchkins.  I am a little bit of a tortoise nut, I have a pet tortoise of my own and my dream vacation would be to go to the Galapagos Islands and walk with the tortoises.