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By Jennifer Vierra   
Sunny days bring outdoor activities alive. The Garden Club has begun clearing the garden and working on the expansion effort to build outdoor learning environments for this Spring and next year. Contact Kerin Fegley to be added to the contact list of helpers. PTC has begun planning May and June events and needs your help.
 • May 9th – Staff Appreciation We need decorations and breakfast or lunch items.
 • May 11th - Open House BBQ – Lots of help needed to prep, cook and serve.
 • June 7th - Cougarpawlooza – 30 volunteers needed to cover all areas, lunch provided for volunteers! 

These events take many helpers to be successful. To volunteer to help please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Marty Earhart at 530-274-3602. Need an activity to do over Spring Break? Take a tour of the Rood Center and hunt for Clear Creek students’ art that is on display.

Silver Graphics orders are due to arrive this month, thank you all for ordering. You can still order online just cover the shipping costs. Mixed Bags orders are due soon please consider supporting Clear Creek PTC with an order. 

If catalogue purchases and candy orders are not your favorite way to support student programs PTC understands. Sign up for Benefit Mobile app and start supporting Clear Creek with everyday purchases. Benefit Mobile adds up quickly, earning $250 to $500 for Clear Creek every year without it costing you anything. Just log onto the Benefit Mobile app and use a store gift card rather than your ATM card to purchase items. Contact Suzy Rogers to learn more.
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By Jennifer Vierra   

PTC is excited to welcome everyone back to a new school year here at Clear Creek School. PTC is open to all parents and teachers and we’ve already begun the planning and budgeting for an event-full year. Come join us on Monday, Sept. 12th to learn how you can help out at Walk-a-thon, Fall Festival and more events.

Donate Here


 The budget needed to cover Library, Music, Reading, Teacher Funds, Art and Cougarpawlooza will be close to $25,000 just as it has been in recent years. The Walk-a-thon is key to meeting budget needs and will be held on Oct. 3rd first thing in the morning. There will be music, snacks, prizes and fun for the students and volunteers. We ask that parents help the students to get pledges and help encourage our walkers/runners on the big day by volunteering. Check out the PTC tab on the school web site for PTC minutes, fundraising opportunities and PTC reminders.


 During September, be on the watch for Friday morning’s Farm to School program featuring fresh fruits and veggies for purchase by donation. Bring your garden extras and help this program feed everyone with healthy choices. Fridays are fun as hot chocolate and coffee will be served at our famous Cougar Coffee Café, a la cart with home baked goodies by 8th graders as the weather turns to fall.


 The annual Student Directory will be published and distributed in September. There is still room and need for business advertisements to off-set the printing cost of the booklet. Send in a business card and payment by September 9th and your ad will be printed in color for easy reference. It is a win/win for all.

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By Jennifer Vierra   
2016-2017 Clear Creek Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

The purpose of the PTC is to promote the welfare of the students of our school and to enrich their experience at Clear Creek School. The PTC takes a very active role in the activities of the school, while encouraging a feeling of community and pride in our school. The funds that are used to support all PTC sponsored programs are generated through parent-coordinated fundraisers.

PTC Board:

Chairperson:                    Marty Earhart   
Vice Chair:                       Carolyn Lyman    
Secretary:                        Bonnie Swaim       
Treasurer:                        Alana Fowler       
Fundraising Chairs &  
Volunteer Coordinators:  Suzy Rodgers   
                                        Jinnae Anderson  

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By Jennifer Vierra   

Dear Clear Creek Families,

Help Clear Creek’s PTC support vital programming year round by signing up for eScrip, benefit-mobile **, SPD Community Card, Raley’s Extra Credit and  Amazon/smile. PTC’s goal this year is to increase funding to our school using programs that the entire community can participate in. We need your help to spread the word and also encourage others to support Clear Creek too. Below are the programs that we are currently participating in and details on how you can become involved.

eScrip is a locally founded non-profit business that has grown to support schools nationally. eScrip headquarters still resides in south Nevada County. Please sign up at www.escrip.com choose Clear Creek group ID 6489036. Next add your Grocery Store Community/Rewards card numbers, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards so that each time you shop Clear Creek will earn 2% to 5% of each purchase. Signing up at eScrip does not impact rewards, mileage or rebate programs that your cards currently offer you.

eScrip Online Mall is another great way to support Clear Creek. Log onto eScrip and click Where to Earn.

SPD Community Cards are linked to eScrip. Request a form to sign up for an SPD card today and earn 3% back for our school. 

SaveMart is now an eScrip partner. Goto eScrip.com/shares and get a Savemart, Lucky, Food Maxx and S-Mart Foods rewards card and add it to your eScrip account.

**NEW for 2016!!! eScrip has partnered with www.benefit-mobile.com. Please sign up today and use your smart phone (or printed gift cards) to start earning 3% to 20% for Clear Creek by shopping at retailers you know. Signing up is several easy steps over a couple of weeks. The donations add up quickly with many retailers in our local area participating in addition to online retailers.

Benefit-Mobile tricks and tips…Set up your Benefit account using a checking account to maximize donations. If you have a joint checking account set up one Benefit-mobile log-in and use it on multiple phones and share gift cards. Remembr to update gift card balances on your phone so you know when it is time to buy another gift card. Buy Amazon giftcards and shop at amazon.com/smile and double your donations. Finally always check the info button on the gifts cards to know how to redeem them.

Holiday Market. If you shop at Holiday Market, please tell the cashier to direct your Holiday Rewards to Clear Creek School. No card needed. Also donate 1,000 Wow points to Clear Creek and Holiday Market will send them $20.

Briar Patch is offering vouchers that can be used when you shop to support Clear Creek. Ask for these vouchers from PTC.

Questions, comments, suggestions please come to a PTC meeting or contact a PTC Chair Member using the Student Directory.

Student Council is seeking:

Box Tops for Education. We need those box tops. Last year we made $250 collecting box tops this year the goal is $500. Ask friends and neighbors to clip and donate them. Log on to www.BTFE.com create an account and select Clear Creek to play some games for e-box tops or just to see how we are coming along on meeting our goal for the year. Check in December and April for updates.

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