February 2023

7th & 8th Boys Basketball Games -2

8th Grade Future Bruin Field Trip-3

2nd Grade Shady Creek Trip-7

TK/Kindergarten Library Trip-9

8th Boys Basketball Game-2

Kindness Spirit Week-13-16

Valentine’s Day & Flower Distribution-14

Board Meeting-14

7th & 8th Boys Basketball Games-15

7th & 8th Boys Basketball Games-16

President’s Holiday (no school)-17-20

Site Council Meeting-21

Dr. Seuss Spirit Week-27-2/3

CalFresh English
Better Food For Better Living

2021 Clear Creek Annual CCR Water Report

Principal’s News

February 2023

February brings the annual Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) survey. You should
have received the survey last week in order to get your input for the upcoming school year. I
ask you to please take the time to fill out this electronic survey as your input is extremely
valuable to our school. Thank you for your participation.
Attendance is critical for your child’s success at school.  Not only is attendance important for
your child’s learning, it is also important for our rating on the California School Dashboard. The
California School Dashboard is an accountability system used by the state to display data it
collects on schools in the area of academic success and as of 2018, Chronic Absenteeism.
Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10 percent of school days for any reason. Excused
and unexcused absences are used to calculate this number. We are still experiencing a higher
than typical number of absences. While we do want students to stay home and rest when they
are sick, consistent attendance is key for your child’s academic success. Please try to schedule
any dental or medical appointments later in the school day or after school, so that your child
misses the least amount of school.  Thank you and I sincerely appreciate your cooperation.
Two of our 8 th grade students participated in the county writing tournament and our students
tied for 5 th place. Congratulations Vivienne Perelman and Leah Lubarsky on your outstanding
effort and success in the countywide tournament! We are proud of our amazing students.
Our students will participate again this year in the Higgins Diggins Lion’s Club Reading
Challenge. Mrs. Gilliland will be organizing and leading this event on campus. Please watch for
more information soon!
PG&E contractors left some logs on our property and we have had some difficulty getting then
to come back to remove the wood. Thank you to our amazing PTC families who came over the
weekend and cut up and removed the wood so our 8 th grade bulbs can sprout. Thank you so
much for your help!
I want to express my gratitude to our staff, students, and families for your cooperation and
determination to participate in your children’s education. Our Clear Creek School community
works very hard to support our students in their educational journey. I truly appreciate
everyone’s effort and support.
Enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts!

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