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Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Students:

On behalf of the staff and school board, I would like to welcome you to Clear Creek School for the 2017-2018 school year.  We have spent the last week preparing curriculum and classes in order to offer the best programs for your children.  I would also like to announce two new staff members.  Dan Ziesler is our district Superintendent and has been working with me all summer to begin a successful new school year.   Also, Bob Schmitt is our new maintenance/custodial person and will be taking over the position from Bob DeHart who will be retiring as of August 31st.  Both are outstanding people who will enhance our staff.

Please read the attached packet of information and return those pages requiring signatures to your child’s teacher.  The Clear Creek School Handbook and calendar should be kept at home for reference throughout the year.  The handbook and supplemental pages will clarify discipline procedures and graduation requirements.  By reviewing these with your child, we can work together as a team toward your child’s educational accomplishments.

As always, I’m asking you to use patience and caution during “pick up” and “drop off” in the parking lot.  The safety of the students is paramount to us.  When you drop the students off in the morning, please pull as far forward as possible when they get out of the car.  If you need to take more time, pull into a parking spot.  At “pick up”, please pull forward in a single line and teachers will release students to their vehicles.  You may also park and walk across the parking lot to get your student.  For safety reasons, we don’t allow students to walk across the parking lot unattended.  To ease potential congestion at “pick up” we ask parents whose student’s last name starts with A-L to arrive by 2:45pm.  Parents of students with last names M-Z should arrive at 2:55pm.  Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, attendance is critical for your child’s success.  Please try to make any dental or medical appointments later in the school day or after school so your child misses the least amount of school.  (I know as a parent this can be very difficult, so I really appreciate your efforts.)  Besides your student missing out on their education, the school loses money if a student misses the entire school day for any reason.  That amounted to about $36,000 in lost revenue for our school last year.  If you are going to be gone for 5 or more school days, you can sign up for Independent Study with your teacher.  Independent Study allows your child to keep up with their class, receive attendance credit, and the school receives revenue in their absence.  Please give teachers as much notice as possible to gather your child’s work.

We all look forward to providing your children a high quality education in a small, friendly, and nurturing school environment.

Library News


By Lesley Bullock
The library has just implemented a new cataloging and circulation system that will make searching for books and resources a lot easier. It is now a web based system that you may access from any computer, even from home! Eventually students will be able to look to see if a book is available and put it on hold without having to physically be in the library or having to track me down. In order to do this I will have to input a user name and password for them (same as their AR user names and passwords), but this will take time. I will let all the students know when this is up and running.

Also, just as a reminder, you can find out if a book is AR by going to arbookfind.com. You can search by title or author to see whether or not a book you have at home has a quiz.

Library schedule for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Mondays First Grade

Tuesdays Fourth and Fifth Grades

Wednesdays Second Grade

Thursdays Third Grade

Fridays Kindergarten and Sixth Grades

Seventh and Eighth Grades go during Language Arts

Please help your child remember to bring his/her library book(s) back on the appropriate day.

Mrs. Bullock

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