COVID Symptom Procedures Information

COVID Prevention Plan-CPP

State Testing Begins April 12th

Please review the testing windows for each grade. If your child needs a doctor’s appointment please do so before or after your student’s testing week. Thank You.

8th Grade: April 12th– April 15th & April 30th  

7th Grade: April 19th-April 22nd

6th Grade: April 26th-April 30th               

5th Grade: May 3rd – May 6th & May 14th

4th Grade: May 10th-May 14th 

3rd Grade: May 17th-May 20th


We will be extending our dismissal time to 1:30 PM for 1st – 8th grade students Monday – Friday beginning Monday, March 22.  TK/K students will continue to be dismissed at 11:30 AM.  For families with Kindergarten students and older siblings, the Kindergartner students may stay until 1:30 PM.  We will provide supervision for our Kindergarten students with siblings so that parents do not have to make two pick-ups.  Students will eat lunch on campus, so they may either bring their own lunch from home each day or order a hot lunch.  Dismissal will be similar to our process now.  Students with last names beginning with A-L will be dismissed at 1:30 and students with last names beginning with M-Z will be dismissed at 1:37 so that we don’t have too much traffic congestion.  Please follow this schedule so that we can keep our students and our drivers safe.

Clear Creek School is the only public school in our area that has been providing in person learning for students 5 days per week since October.  We are very grateful to our staff, students, and families for your cooperation with health and safety guidelines enabling us to provide in person learning in a safe environment.  Our teachers continue to provide instruction for both our in person students as well as our Learn @ Home students each day, so we need to plan our daily schedule accordingly for the rest of this school year.  Our staff will continually be evaluating our schedule so we can provide as much in person instruction as possible while also accommodating our Learn @ Home students.

As we plan for next year, our goal is to provide our students with a full day of in person instruction Monday- Friday.  We do not know what all of the requirements or guidelines may be, but we are planning to offer full day, in-person instruction for our students.  It has been a joy to have students on campus this year and we want to get our students safely back to a regular schedule of in person learning as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions, please contact me.

School Meals Available to All Students 

Clear Creek School will provide free breakfast and lunch meals Monday through Friday to students less than 18 years of age until the end of the year. If you would like to order breakfast and lunch please have your child order them from their teacher during morning attendance or call the office at 530-273-3664 by 8:00 am.  Breakfasts and lunches will be provided by Central Kitchen, the same vendor that provides our daily school lunches. We will provide lunch for that day and breakfast for the following day.  Students that are attending school on campus will eat their lunch at school and take their breakfast home with them. The students that are learning from home will need to pick up their meals in the school office between 12:30pm and 1:00 pm daily.  Please call the school office if you have any questions.  

Clear Creek Reopening Plan and Exposure Guide

Exposure Guide.pdf 

Suicide Prevention Resources:

Nevada County Suicide Prevention Video-Link below


Suicide Prevention Website Know the Signs-Link below





7      Cross Country Meet
9      Last Day to Buy Yearbooks
12    State Testing Begins
12    Cross Country Meet
13    Board Meeting
16    Spirit Day-Neon
28    Progress Reports Out  


Parent Portal Access:

Principal’s News

Spring is here!  I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break and we look forward to seeing everyone back on campus on Monday, April 5th.

We have extended our dismissal time for 1st -8th grade to 1:30PM Monday – Friday.  Our new lunch schedule has been going well and students seem to enjoy having a little time to eat, socialize, and play with appropriate distance, of course.  With the new schedule, all students are meeting the required daily instructional minutes for this year while on campus. It also gives teachers a little more time to include some longer art projects or PE with students.  We are happy to be moving back towards a regular school schedule.  Our teachers do provide both in person and online instruction to students learning at home, so we need to be sure to accommodate both groups of students within our school day.  Our goal for next year is to offer a regular full day school schedule!

State testing will resume this year.  Students in grades 3rd-8th grade will participate in CAASPP testing throughout the month of April and May.  The state has made sections in both ELA and Math shorter to accommodate for shorter school days this year.  While CASSPP test scores are only one moment in time for your child/ren, participation is important to the school!  Please encourage your child to participate, do their best, and be well rested during their testing week.  We appreciate your help and support.  More information about testing will be sent to you soon.

Please remember to stagger your pick-up times.  We have more students on campus now and even though we have a longer drive area, the road can still be dangerous when traffic backs up.  Students with last names beginning with A-L will be dismissed at 1:30 and students with last names beginning with M-Z will be dismissed at 1:38 so that we don’t have too much traffic congestion in the drive through or out on the road.  If you arrive before you dismissal time, your child may not be out of the classroom yet and we will ask you to drive down to park below until they arrive.   We are asking you to please follow this schedule so that we can keep our students and our drivers safe.  Thank you very much for your cooperation! Happy April!

Carolyn Cramer

Clear Creek Elementary School District


Important Video

Tobacco, Vaping and Marijuana: A Parent’s Guide to a New Epidemic