December 2022

2nd – 1st Trimester Awards Assembly 

2nd – Report Cards Home 

12th-16th – Holiday Spirit Week 

13th – Board Meeting 

15th – Holiday Program at 6:00 pm 

16th – Minimum Day – 12:10 Release 

19th-Jan 2nd – Holiday Break No School

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2021 Clear Creek Annual CCR Water Report

Principal’s News

December 2022

It’s hard to imagine that we have completed our first trimester and report cards will be going
home on Friday, December 2nd. Thank you to all of our students for their hard work and
dedication to their education.
The Clear Creek School Holiday Program will be back this year thanks to the hard work of Patsy
and Ben Hannebrink. Mrs. Hannebrink has been working with the K-5 th grade classes perfecting
holiday songs. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, December 15 th at 6:00PM. Students
will meet in their classrooms at 5:45 then please pick your child up at the classroom
immediately after the program. We look forward to the return of this joyful evening of holiday
As we move toward the holidays, I want to remind you of the importance of your child
attending school every day. Each year, absences increase during the weeks before and after
the winter break. We know that even just a few missed days here and there can add up to lost
learning time and put your child behind in school. This is as true in Kindergarten as it is in High
School. Please make school attendance a priority. Thank you for your cooperation.
While we do want students to be at school every day if they are healthy, please avoid sending
your child to school if they are ill or are exhibiting symptoms of any illness. The winter months
can be a challenging time to stay healthy, so as you are making family plans, please follow and
maintain healthy habits in order to keep kids and staff well.
December 16 th will be a minimum day for students. All students will be dismissed at 12:10.
Students and staff will be on break from December 19th- January 2 nd . School will resume on
Tuesday, January 3 rd .
Finally, on behalf of the school board and staff, I want to wish our Clear Creek community a
very joyous and peaceful holiday season!


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